Aura Wayfinding

Cutting-edge wayfinding technology with exceptional customizability

Web development has changed a great deal over the years; from static Getting to the right place in a large complex is not always an easy task. Traditional help desks are inefficient and instructions are normally asked to be forgotten. The underlying issue is the lack of visual perception, visitors are normally lost in the knots of verbal directions. Aura Wayfinding is a revolutionary solution that provides multidimensional interactive map directories with rich modular features that remodels how your visitors obtain information. The solution is completely on-demand with no strings attached, it simply works!

Why digital wayfinding?

From shoppings malls, exhibition centres to museums and office complexes, digital wayfinding is the ideal solution to a growing issue. With a self-service touch-based kiosks, visitors can freely enjoy an engaging and immediate wayfinding experience, that leaves an impression, while also allowing them to gather information quickly

Leverage Digital Automation

Transform physical practices into a digital service. Release control, eliminate social friction and let visitors obtain information on-demand

Unparalleled Efficiency

Compared to traditional service desks; digital wayfinding is a cost effective solution that can be scalably installed in multiple locations with minimal maintenance

Universal Compatibility

Digital Wayfinding is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is agnostic of hardware; simply plug and play on any web enabled touch device

What is Aura W-direct?

Unlike off-the-shelf products on the market, Aura Wayfinding is a state-of-the-art solution that lets you customise and integrate features beyond wayfinding in a unified platform. Our product leverages digital to provide a user centric experience with unparalleled customizability along with industry leading performance

Rapid Deployment

Aura Wayfinding is a lightweight package that can be deployed anywhere. We embrace cloud technologies to help you integrate over the wide web or by an installation bundle for offline locations that are off-limits. Nothing is in our way!

Exceptional Performance

Aura Wayfinding is a robust solution with no compromises, while also offering cutting-edge features including visual paths, kiosk orientation and many more

System Security

Industry grade encryption and safety measures to ensure all your data is safeguarded against intrusion or risk

Digital Interoperability

With our pervasive connectivity engine, Aura Wayfinding lets you integrate speakers, proximity sensors, ticket printers, Bluetooth Beacon, NFC and many others. The hardware flexibility is limitless

Aura Wayfinding Experience

We create custom multidimensional maps for single buildings, or an entire shopping complex, no matter indoors or outdoors, small or large; we tailor an interactive wayfinding solution that meets your extended needs.

Beyond wayfinding

Wayfinding does not have to be the sole function of your kiosk. We offer a myriad of unique modules, including social networks integrations, car park search systems, food and beverage queuing systems, VIP reservations and many more. Our responsibility is to build the features necessary to bring your service to another level

We sweet the details

We pack advanced wayfinding features in a custom built user interface with smooth gesture controls and an elegant user experience. Thanks to years of interface design and experience, we take the extra step to consider screen estate, multiple languages, menu layout, screen orientation, user types and other factors to polish a marvelous wayfinding experience

Extensive Multimedia Support

A unique capability of Aura Wayfinding is the comprehensive media support. The system lets you gain impressions through structured advertisements displayed in a natural and forgiving format that not only attracts attention, but also improve the usage rate of the kiosk

Cross Platform

Aura Wayfinding let users transition seamlessly from one medium to another. With a simple click or swipe, users can view information on their desktop or mobile devices with added features like indoor AR showcase, F&B reservations, personalized offers and many more

Aura Wayfinding Management System

Beneath all the gorgeous design; we have created a robust backend for you to control and monitor your wayfinding solution. From organizing directory information, accessing data access to scheduling multimedia adverts; we empower you to manage Aura Wayfinding with ease

System Management Portal

We provide comprehensive tools for you to gain control of multiple aspects of Aura Wayfinding. You don’t have to be a computer wiz to navigate the portal, our intuitive tools are built for everyone

  1. Manage users and assign access; let multiple users configure and manage different features and sections of Aura Wayfinding
  2. Manage multimedia content including display frequency, idle times, content library, schedule, pop-ups and many others
  3. Manage solution integrations including iBeacon, QR codes and 3rd party services within a unified platform

Wayfinding Configurations

In any large complex, routes are dynamic and spaces change ownership over time. Aura Wayfinding offers extensive flexibility for you to change, manage and configure information shown in the system. From adding event tags, adjusting icon placement, to changing shop names, operating hours to description; with a quick modification in the backend, changes are swiftly pushed to multiple kiosk simultaneously

Data Analytics

Aura Wayfinding aggregates data from every facet of the solution; our system automatically collects, refines, and filters data so you don’t have to

  1. Robust Data Architecture

    Aura Wayfinding offers a real-time data architecture to help users quantify kiosk usage and visitors behaviour; from tenant popularity, popular searches, most viewed adverts, feature usage, and more

  2. Advanced Insight Tools

    Aura Wayfinding provides a set of built-in analytical tools to help you compare disparate metrics, query data and export insight

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